Did We Really Forget?

   The clock strikes 12 and halloween is over, all of a sudden the radio stations and tv commercials all change to have something to do with Christmas.  But what about the days in between?
      In world war one there were over 16 million deaths. Those people died so that we could have freedom. So we could dress how we want, do mostly what we want and say what we want. The least we could do is remember them for one day of the year.
     You walk around and here people saying "lest we forget" but what are they doing on november 11th? Probably already starting their Christmas shopping.  In schools, how many kids actually understand what remembrance day is all about? All they know is that they get two periods out of class to hear some guys (veteran) tell stories and stand in silence while a trumpet plays.
     We realize that the first generation of soldiers are gone, and the second generation is slowly dwindling, but they still fought for our freedom. What about this generation of soldiers in other countries, fighting for other peoples freedom?  Are we going to forget them? Or remember ALL who have fallen saving us, saving others.

Preparing For Your Future


     Everyone in their high school years takes the classes they need in order to graduate and other classes they need for college or university. Throughout these classes they always tell you ‘Do your homework, it will help you in the future!’ or ‘Listen, you are going to need this in the future, in the real world!’. But really, is knowing how to graph a parabola, going to help you pay your taxes? No. These classes, really are just giving you the information you need and prerequisites you need for college and university and when you are getting a job. But what happens after the job? When you are buying a house, or need to pay your taxes or even way down the road (but not that far away) planning for retirement.

     In Oklahoma schools they have started a few new classes. These classes you need in order to graduate. Luckily they are not pointless classes and they will actually help you in the future. These classes are called Financial Aid classes. They teach you how to balance a check book, save for you retirement, teaches you about loans from the bank, insurance – why you need it and many other topics dealing with day to day life after school. Many people who have already graduated say that these classes should have been instated years ago, stating that once they were out of school they had no idea how to deal with certain things within their lives that needed to be done. In my opinion these classes are an amazing idea. It teaches teenagers how to deal with their money and save for the future, as well as teaching them what to do when money gets tight and how to save and spend smartly. There has been talk that if these classes truly help the students in the state of Oklahoma, then they will spread throughout the States and into Canada. Surely this will happen in a few years when most of us are out of school an into post-secondary education or in the work field, but the real thought is why weren’t these classes always a thing? One day we are not going to just wake up and know what to do as an adult. Right now we learn by trail and error, but with these classes maybe there will be less error. Why wasn’t this an idea years ago? Maybe because no one realized we need someone to tell us what to do instead of a ‘trial and error’ technique that most of the time loses us money, instead of helping us save it.